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English to Punjabi Conversion

The english punjabi conversion tool helps people to type punjabi using english words. To write in punjabi using english words just type in the textbox given below then press space. It will be converted to punjabi. A punjabi font is installed on your system to display punjabi properly. If you can't see punjabi letters then download punjabi font and install in your system. punjabi font installation instructions are here.

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Don't Copy paste words type below. Eg: punjabi blog, punjabi cinema etc..

English Punjabi Converter

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For type in english and get in punjabi type Manglish and press space it will convert to punjabi automatically. If desired Punjabi word come press backspace. There you can edit the Punjabi word. Press the button or Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Punjabi in the textbox.

Do not copy and paste english words. Type in the text area and then press space key for a punjabi conversion. If you Press Back Space Key a Drop Down list of Punjabi Suggested words will come You can select from it Also.

Can't Read Punjabi . Install Punjabi Font and try again.

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